The Advantages of The Xbox LIVE 12 Month Subscription

Xbox LIVE is one of the greatest revolutions in the gaming world. This is because it allows gamers to access game demos, trailers and in some instances full games from its online arcade. This online based service also allows gamers to play games against your friends on the online platform. In order to enjoy this service, you will need to have broadband internet service as well as the Xbox. This Microsoft product is available by subscription only. There are three main Xbox LIVE subscription packages. That is the subscriptions may be purchased monthly, quarterly or yearly. Most people prefer the Xbox LIVE 12 month subscription. These are usually accessible through the purchase of subscription cards or signing up via the Xbox 360.

The Xbox LIVE can be accessed at two levels namely; the silver level and the gold level. The silver level is free and allows you to make downloads from the product’s marketplace. You can also get to share your profile as well as chat with other players. Even then, this membership does not allow you to play online. On the other hand, the gold membership level, which is paid for, has advanced features in addition to the features that you enjoy for the silver membership. For instance, you can play various Kinect and controller games online with your membership subscription. The gold membership also allows you instant access to TV shows, HD movies as well as sports. You may also hold video chats with family and friends.Thus, the annual membership subscription is a great way of saving on both energy and time. With this membership, you also get to enjoy unlimited access to music from Zune Music pass. In general, this presents unlimited entertainment options. This can however be best enjoyed with the twelve month membership subscription.This means that with the 12 month membership, boredom will be a thing of the past as you will have more than enough entertainment options at your disposal. Other features that are accessible with the annual subscriptions include the ability to download game add-ons with ease. Moreover, this subscription also entitles you to a wide range of games hence you will not be bored with the games too soon because of monotony. With the Xbox LIVE twelve month subscription, downloading of games is also quite easy.

There is also an equally unique fashion as well as props that may be used for the avatar. Most importantly, the 12 month membership subscription guarantees you peace of mind as you do not have to worry about the inability to access the service when the monthly or quarterly subscription period comes to an end. The Xbox LIVE twelve month member subscription is also available at affordable premiums. This may however, require you to research before purchasing. This allows you to go for the best deals possible even as you save money. In summary, the Xbox LIVE 12 month membership opens a world on numerous possibilities in the entertainment arena.